Our New Kitten

Monday, 23 April 2012

After the loss of Jasper our house felt so strange without a cat in it we decided to give a rescue cat a home. We made a few enquiries and saw a 7 month old kitten that looked so cute. We went to take a look and ended up bringing her home with us that day.
She was from an abused home and was taken to the cat rescue by the vet and was starving, full of fleas, worms and they thought she might be pregnant.

On seeing her we all knew she was the one for us. She has a great ability at jumping up ontop of my kitchen cupboards at the moment which I am trying to discourage. She is a very affectionate cat and full of mischief. It's just like having another baby all over again, I have to think ahead of what I need to move out of her reach as she has to investigate everything.

We have now had her a week and she is starting to know a few commands such as get down and no, I don't think she had any structure in her young life so this is all new to her.

Her are some pictures of her so you can see just how sweet she is.

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