Art by shelikethis

Thursday, 4 June 2015

 Today I am featuring a wonderful lady that I have befriended through selling myself on Etsy. From someone that isn't good at art myself I admire her work and her gift which seems to shine through her work. There is something for everyone from bookmarks, journals, felt and beaded brooches to modern wall art you will be never be short of gift ideas. If you like what I picked and want to see her visit her shop here

 Just one of Ali's beautiful journals

I love creating with colour and texture, mixed with a little fun.
Selling on-line means that I am free to create art wherever my heart leads, it also enables me to be involved in the whole process from my studio to you.I love creating with colour and texture, mixed with a little fun.
My usual week normally takes me into town at least one day where I indulge myself in my favourite museums often sketching and looking longingly at my favourite pictures.. maybe a Renoir, Degas or Cezanne not missing the only Modigliani in the collection….dreams are so sweet!
I draw every day, my art materials, papers and paints, are always out ready to use. I do have far too much stuff, loads of quirky things, bits of old wood, odd shaped stones, feathers, bits of curled up papers, fabric threads, odd bits and pieces that are just far too yummy to not pick up and treasure.
I love to take time out to have my favourite goats milk latte mid-morning and quietly watch the world moving around. Surprising what thoughts and inspiration that brings.
Afternoon usually seeing me settling into more serious painting usually working on 2, 3,or 4 paintings at any one time.
If I am not painting you’ll find me involved with a textile project, maybe designing and making a new quilt or creating an textile art piece, maybe making more fabric beads.
In my spare time I make books not only my sketch books but beautifully bound arty books (my latest was using those wooden coffee stirrers) great fun….
I photograph the world around me as well as sketching, often old walls, doors, windows and great textures. I do like to add to these and use my imagination to create my own style in my work.
I like to have projects. I’m just starting a new project, which will be on my blog site
I have just finished doing a daily sketch for a year also on my blog.
Inspiration is usually things I seen around me or ideas I’m trying to work out, usually a few at a time."

 Water colour Painting

 Bookmarks by Ali which are suitable for all age groups.
  Felt and beaded brooches


Bargain Bags Wednesday

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

“Each week I will pick on a theme and find them at a sale price. Todays theme is bags andI  selected just a few that I found from the NewLook website.  I know from experience that if you want something you  need to buy it fast as these tend to sell out quickly.

I hope you like my picks and will follow my blog to check out my sale items finds next time.

Fashion Tuesday Finds

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Each Tuesday I will put together an outfit that won't break the bank. Some will be on sale and in limited stock so you need to be quick. Follow me to see what I choose each week.

Left Over Pie

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

“ We had a joint of pork for dinner on Sunday and plenty left over for another meal so decided to make a pie with it. The joint was only £7 and was big enough to cut it into half for another week so this meant for a roast it was a really good buy. The fact that it did a family of 5 two  meals meant it was a super value deal.

Here is my meat pie recipe

Leftover meat cut into small pieces
Handful of peas
2 medium cooked sliced carrots
4 large potatoes cut into small chunks and cooked
Medium sized casserole dish

6 oz of Plain Flour
2.5 oz marg or half marg and half lard
spot of cold water

Put the flour in a mixing bowl and add your chosen fat. Rub it in until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. With a knife slowly add a bit of water, keep stirring the mix with the knife until it starts to come together to form a ball. It doesn't need much water due to the fat content so don't over do it. If it is too dry add a bit more water or if it's too wet add a bit more flour. Form it into the shape of a ball and put it in the fridge until you are ready to use it.

When your vegetables are nearly cooked make some thick gravy and add the meat to it. Thoroughly warm through until hot ( I use the microwave for quickness)

Put the meat and some of the gravy in the bottom of the dish then place the cooked peas and carrots evenly on top. Add the potatoes then roll out the crust to fit your dish and place the crust on top. Use a form and stab the pie crust in a few places to let the steam escape whilst it is cooking.
I cook it on gas mark 6 for 20mins or until the top is a turning brown.
Serve with  gravy and cauliflower and green beans or vegetables of your choice.

This also works with any other left over meat.

My kids love my leftover pies and they are so much better than shop bought ones and so much healthier.

Scones to Eat

Monday, 1 June 2015

“ I have a sweet tooth but this has been causing me problems lately. Having been diagnosed with gallstones anything with too much fat in it makes me feel very sick and in a bit of pain.
 I have had to adjust my diet to a low fat diet but if I sneak the occasional treat in now and again I am ok. I  fancied something sweet so decided on scones as these do not have too much fat content in them.
I did a batch of plain scones and a batch with cherries in them.

Here is the recipe

200g self raising flour
30g margarine
30g sugar
120ml of milk ( add a little more if needed)

fruit or cherries are optional,  I added 40g of cherries to the scones mix

Mix the marg and flour together until they look like fine breadcrumbs. Add the sugar and mix in well, now add the fruit if you decide to add it. Stir in the milk with a knife until it starts to come together to form a ball. Lightly shape it into a ball and roll out to 1/4" thick on a lightly floured cooking board.

Put in a pre-heated oven gas mark 5 and cook until they are golden on top.

Cool and enjoy.
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