Want to see your blog or shop on my sidebar this is the one for you. Great for blogs just wanting to gain new followers or shops to get views and even better sales.

I have        3,162 followers on Twitter 1
                   1,737 followers on Twitter 2
                   1461 followers on Twitter 3
                   1,253 followers on Twitter 4
                   3,378 followers on pinterest
                   148 followers on Facebook
                   2,043 views last month on my own website wowhats.com
                   362 Bloglovin followers
                   360 Blog followers
                  Google+ follower 85
                  Blog views last month 1,295

For Paid Sponsors -  With this ad you will get your banner 200px x 200px which will be stagnant for 1 month on my blog. I will tweet either your blog 3x or 3 items from your shop at different times during the day on all 4 twitter accounts. The cost of this is $5.00 to be paid by paypal.

I will also put your ad to my own website on the homepage. At the end of the month I will remove your ads unless you renew.


I am willing to give a review on items in the understanding that I will keep the item at the end of the review. I will take the time and make the photo's look good. I will tweet the review to my followers several times during the day and pin the item.

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