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Friday, 20 January 2012

I have a large beautiful mosaic mirror in my bathroom which is the pattern of a sun made up of different shades of blue. It was purchased 2 years ago from  a little french market that comes to our town once a year. I admire the workmanship that went into it's making.

My feature today is about a young women called Sirli who has a passion for making unique mosaic works of art. This is what she says about herself and how she became interested in mosaics :-

.My name is Sirli, I am a 31-year-old self-taught mosaic artist. I got this "always- itching mosaic bug" when I visited Indonesia in January 2010 and saw mosaics sold on a market. And today I am a truly passionate mosaic artist myself. Every piece I create is done with love and joy, I take very high pride in my work.

Here are just a few pieces of her wonderful work. I have tried to show off a variety.

 Information about the MOSAIC PLATE:

As a base of this wonderful glittery light blue mosaic I have used a strong bamboo plate/tray.

All of the pieces of glass are hand-painted and hand-cut by me.

The tray/plate looks equally good on a wall as a wall decoration, or on the table as a fruit/candy/jewelry plate

Diameter of the plate is 14.2 inches (36 cm). It weights a bit over one kg. Decorated with pieces of mirror and grouted in black.

Information about the MOSAIC BOWL:

The glittery light blue mosaic is made on a bamboo bowl, it´s diameter is 11.8 inches (30 cm). Depth of the mosaic bowl is 3.7 inches (9.5 cm).

The bowl makes a delightful and eye-catching addition to your beautiful home, you can use it as a fruit, candy or jewelry bowl

The pot is happily pink and it glitters. I used hand-painted and hand-cut pieces of glass, yellow (amber) glass gems and decorated the rim with pieces of mirror. I grouted the mosaic in the same color as the pot itself - terracotta.

When the pot is placed in a sunny spot, it will fill the ceiling and table (or window sill) with many little Suns. Wherever you decide to put the pot, it will brighten up the room for sure. Also it would make a great gift for anyone who loves flowers. For yourself, maybe?

The pot weighs 870 g. It measures 16 cm across (6.3 inches) and 14 cm (5.5 inches) high.

I gave this ceramic candle holder a new life. My dearest mother picked the candle holder up from a flea market from Finland. I was so exited when I first saw it, I saw a new vivid romantic mosaic candle holder in my mind already then.

I painted some glass, cut it by hand, cut also some mirror and found some pearls. The pearls are not precious, not even fresh water ones (I was working in a pearl farm in Australia, Broome, Beagle Bay, so I would know). The pearls came from an old necklace, what my hubby´s grandmother had given to me. When the grandmom handled the necklace to me few years ago, I thought - what on earth should I do with it - but now I´m thankful to granny Salme, because the pearls from her vintage necklace fit just so perfectly to the candle holder.
This beautiful glittery and vivid angular fruit platter with mirror would be a perfect gift for a special someone. For your Valentine :)

I used hand hand cut and hand painted glittery glass and long narrow pieces of mirror when making I Love You mosaic. It can used as a fruit, candy or jewelry platter, it´s brims are nicely upwards.

The platter measures: 13 X 13 inches (33 X 33 cm)
Weight: 2.5 lbs (1134g)


Find a picture of someone, some place or view you love and place it in this beautiful mosaic photo frame. The picture frame would be perfect on your dining or living room table, it would make a great present at a good price for someone special.

The frame is for 10 X 15 cm ( 3.9 X 5.9 inches) photos. The frame is sealed and it´s going to be packed in the most careful way


This gorgeous one-of-a-kind coffee table is a wonderful piece for creating a unique, elegant and interesting look for your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

I used hand-painted and hand-cut glass when creating this black and white coffee table. I also added some pieces of mirror and grouted it all in white. The mirror and glittery silvery black glass makes the table so vivid and very very chic-looking.

Dimensions of the table are:

55 cm long (21.7inches)
55 cm wide ( 21.7inches)
45 cm tall (17.7 inches)

I pack all my mosaics with greatest care, I use bubble wrap, and very strong boxes for shipping. Also I pay very much attention for the quality of my work - everything I create is made with love and joy.

The legs of the table can be taken off and put back easily within 5-10 minutes (all of the tools for putting the legs back are included

 This is just a few from the wonderful items that Sirli makes. Why not visit her shop today and see her other hidden tresures.


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