My 3 Pound Nail Makeover

Thursday, 15 January 2015

I have been buying nail templates from different sellers all at different prices. I have always used the Konad ones upto now but  wanted to see if the cheaper ones that are on the market are any good.
I bought this one on ebay for 99p delivered and took 2 weeks to arrive from China.  Some of the nail templates are smaller than the Konad ones and I had to pick the print up lengthways for it to fit all of the nail. I must sy that for the price paid they are just as good and I will be buying more of them.

As I am new to this I am also trying out nail polishes that I already have to see what works and which ones won't. I tried a Constance Carroll glittery lilac one as the base colour then applied a Sally Hansen Insta dri chip resistant topcoat.

For the print I used a deeper shade of purple in Rimmel 60sec as I know that these pick up lovely.
I then applied another topcoat.

I did this yesterday and have already noticed that it is chipping one some of the ends of the nails even with the topcoats applied.
This is ok if you only want it to last one night. When I use Rimmel or BarryM nail polishes it lasts for a week before I notice any slight chips at the ends of the nails.
I have bought quite a few different nail stamping plates and will be trying them out and posting them on my blog so if you want to see what I do next follow my blog.


  1. Your nails look so gorgeous! I love the stars on them! The Rimmel polish always works nicely for me too. x

    1. Hi Leah and Rachel. When I saw the template with a picture of nails with it I just had to get it.

  2. They look so gorgeous ! :) I totally love it!


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