Body Shop Facial Update 5 Months On

Thursday, 28 May 2015

I know that I have already given a review for this item before but I am sure that some people like to know what I think 5 months later on. This is for body shops Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash.
I have gotten used to the strong smell but for those of you that like a subtle smell this isn't for you. I use a tiny spot every other day in the morning. Slightly dampen your hands as it makes it go further. The way this bottle is lasting I think that it will see me through to next year. As I say a little bit goes a long way.
I have had no reaction to it and don't seem to have as many spots as I was before.It also hasn't dried my skin out in anyway or caused any rashes. My daughter who is in her early 20's who has dry skin found that it was too strong for her so she stopped using it. I now have 2 bottles to use so will be ok for a while yet.
This review is my own unbiased review and haven't been paid to say what I have.

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