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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Just perfect with Fathers Day just around the corner

Whilst browsing today I came across this delightful little Etsy shop called xCottonKisses. I have chosen just 3 of my favourites from her shop.  This is a little bit about her.....


"10 years ago, I moved to the very bottom of the UK. My new neighbour was a lady who lived by herself... and a living room full of guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, etc. I thought it was brilliant haha. By visiting her, I discovered she was a cross stitcher and in time she began to give me her unwanted magazines, leftover threads and fabrics. It wasn't long at all before I was hooked!
Throughout the years I would stop, start, stop, start. I took a textiles class at High School, and cross stitching made an appearance in my Art GCSE. I stopped again for a little while until I lost my little dog in July 2014, so I started on a huge portrait of her face. I'm yet to finish ♥
Along came Christmas and desperate for a break from the 26 beiges and browns of my dogs face...I made hot pink reindeer gift tags for a friend. I posted a photo on a website that people use to sell make up and clothes, and managed to sell 4 orders in time for Christmas. I was so happy and started to stitch up some other designs. One month later and I had sold 57 tags. I am looking forward to joining the etsy community and becoming a shop owner ♥

Why have I called my shop "xCottonKisses" ?
It's exactly how I see cross stitch! Cross stitches are made using cotton.. And the stitches resemble the letter "x", which I mostly recognise as a kiss! ... xxx"
I picked this one as I have a family of baby bunnies come several times to play in my garden and devour my plants
How you liked what I chose. If you are blog or have an online shop leave a comment and who knows it might be you that gets featured next week!

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