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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Hope you like the new blogs look, I am very pleased with it. Just go to work out now how to add the pinterest widget then I will be finished.

I will be adding new posts each week from now on so please feel free to follow me. If you like cooking or are useless at it my recipes will help you. I have one bubbling away nicely downstairs and the smell is fantastic ( I will be adding that recipe next week).

If like me you like household tips or anything that makes your like much easier I will be adding a new one each week.

I also love looking at fashion and home wares and will be posting items that I think you will like.

Off  to add my first recipe now so hope you will pop back soon,


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  1. The new look of your blog is nice as well! It has a cute design, which will surely attract more readers and followers. But just a tip: you can update your blogs with several articles and such, but keep it limited to a certain number per month. That way, it wouldn’t lessen the quality of your blog. Not to mention that it will also make your followers visit your website more often, in anticipation for your next articles. All the best!

    Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO


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